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kolkata escorts

With the ever increasing expectation to secure a lavish lifestyle, every person in the metros are joining the never ending rat race and eventually ending up with lots of health hazard and a pile of frustration. As per a Kolkata escort, only a negligible percentage of their clients are satisfied with their personal-life, even though they earn huge and own all the creature comforts.


Actually, it has become an endless loop where people are puzzled completely what to make first preference – earning or enjoyment. As per one of the top escorts in Kolkata, while it is supposed that the high profile people can afford them easily, most of the clients they get are from middle-class community.


During a survey on the Kolkata escorts, I also communicated with the males between the age group of 30 to 45yrs and I found that they are highly dissatisfied with their family life as they have lost the physical and mental energy to be intimate with their partner due to excessive work pressure, which in return increases the gap even more. They don’t get the minimum time to go on a weekend tour or to any relative’s home for a refreshment. So, they hire escorts in Kolkata – the cheapest, fastest and most effective way to get rejuvenated without violating the laws.


kolkata escorts


Prachi Rai, an experienced Kolkata escort says that while mostly the younger client’s demand a passionate and wild intimacy, the clients above the age of 35years wants to get pampered and loved in a romantic way. Often they hire escorts in Kolkata just to get a deep-tissue erotic massage or might be a couple of hours of lovemaking.


However, there are hundreds of cases where the middle-aged clients get horny with the young and seductive Kolkata escorts and pound upon them like a beast. One of the high-in-demand escorts in Kolkata explained briefly that they can feel the situation of these males; they are physically hungry and don’t know how to ventilate their body-heat. As they are well educated, respectable in the society and don’t want to make unacceptable mistake, they simply hire us to satisfy their years of suppressed desire; we help them every way to get ultimate satisfaction through taking them to the extreme climax.

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